Will the nsa ask about drug use on a polygraph?

Otho Walter asked a question: Will the nsa ask about drug use on a polygraph?
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When considering the effect of drugs on the polygraph, the Federation of American Scientists reported that “the tranquilizer, meprobamate (“Miltown”), permits subjects who are being deceptive to increase their ability to avoid detection in a polygraph examination.” This drug and other anti-anxiety medications or ...

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❔ How do drugs affect polygraph?

medications that affect polygraph tests The EEOC has determined that polygraph. When lying, heart rate may increase, and you may fidget or squirm. Some medications, however, can affect lie detector tests.

❔ Will sf86 ask parents about drug use?

The promotion requires a T3 upgraded clearance. Filled out my SF86 the same way I did two years ago with additional 3 years of history and not just 7 years of history. No foreign contacts or family No drug use No alcohol use No arrests No financial problems No mental health issues

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He then defined the illegal drug question as "Use, distribution, inhalation - ANYTHING of substances like marijuana, crack, cocaine, LSD, PCP, methaphetamines, sniffing glue" and on and on. At this point, I was really quite pleased. I looked at my watch, and was going to get out a full two-and-a-quarter hours earlier than they had scheduled me to.

They ask a lot of detailed questions, sometimes including things you aren't legally required to disclose (drug use and foreign travel outside the listed time limits). In the second phase, they hook you up to the polygraph and ask two series of very specific questions, one called "lifestyle" and one called "national security."

NSA spokeswoman Vanee Vines says that the polygraph "is one of the vetting tools" used by the NSA and other federal agencies "to assess an individual's eligibility for access, and continued ...

Preparing for a Polygraph with Former Drug Use and Foreign Connections – Ask CJ. Katie Keller / Oct 17, 2020. Polygraph. This past week was all about polygraph examinations at ClearanceJobs, because it can be an intimidating process, particularly if it’s your first time at the wires. One subscriber to the ClearanceJobsBlog had some concerns ...

The lifestyle polygraph will ask questions that focus on your decision making process in order for the agency to determine if you can be trusted to make sound decisions in the future. These questions can include questions regarding past criminal activity, to include drug use, your propensity to lie and forge documents, infidelity, family relationships, and your mental health.

The polygraph is an effective screening tool. Many applicants reveal their continued illegal drug use (marijuana may be legal in many states, but it is still illegal under federal law), theft and embezzlement, and foreign intelligence service control. Taking the polygraph is non-negotiable for employment at the NSA and other IC entities.

This sounds very similar to my wife's experience with taking a polygraph at the NSA for an internship (and this was before 9/11). They hounded her over the drug use question over and over. She was so upset by the whole experience she nearly flew home right after and I can't say I blame her.

Drug questions are part of lifestyle not Counter Intel polygraphs. Lol I have a friend that failed the lifestyle and he has no history of drug use. You aren't the only guy in this boat lol trust me. Not saying you made the ethical choice but "you made your bed so lay in it. " you're only going to get a polygraph for NSA/CYBERCOM units

Although you’ll be asked straight forward questions about past drug use during the polygraph test, members on the oral interview panel may also ask you about it as well. Some departments won’t allow you to continue on in the hiring process if you have excessive drug use patterns or you’ve used in the last two or three years.

My CIA Polygraph Story. Jun 24 th, 2011 at 11:14pm. Mark & Quote Quote Print Post. I waited a while to post this because I needed to let myself cool off. It is amazing to sit back and reflect that I was at one point recruited by the CIA. I was so close to having my dream career.

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